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China (chifeng) bonded goods


an introduction to the showroom and trading center


China (chifeng) bonded commodity exhibition and trading center is located 50 meters southwest of the pass of chifeng bonded logistics center in hongshan district (north of the bridge), chifeng city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region.With a total investment of 12 million yuan and a construction area of 2,400 square meters, it is invested and constructed by the hongshan district government, and operated and managed by chifeng tiefa trading group co., LTD.
Under the direct supervision of the customs and inspection and quarantine authorities, China (chifeng) bonded commodity exhibition and trading center makes full use of the functional layout of "front store and back warehouse" (front store is the bonded commodity exhibition and trading center, and back warehouse is the bonded warehouse in the bonded logistics center).By means of "bonded display and duty-paid transaction", we actively promote the settlement of high-quality imported goods in chifeng. While displaying sales in brick-and-mortar stores,The exhibition and trading center adopts the O2O dual-driving marketing strategy of online transaction and offline experience (online mall as the platform, offline store as the support).Actively promote the new shopping mode of "trading center experience, online shopping mall order, and unified distribution of goods", and create a never-ending "international commodity fair".
At present, China (chifeng) bonded exhibition and trading center displays and sells products including cosmetics, food, small household appliances, mother and baby products, daily chemical products, French red wine and incense products. Popular products such as German beer and Russian grain and oil are imported and sold directly by dealers, so as to reduce the intermediate links and reduce the sales price. In this way, the distribution center of imported commodities mainly consists of dealers, distributors and franchisees, and the first platform for displaying and trading of imported commodities in mengdong will be established.
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